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And every Archer could be ripe with creativity as la luna lights your colorful and artistic zone. A visit from the muse if not the stork can spark some divine downloads!

SAGITTARIUS TAROT READING: September, October, November, December 2019 [Horoscope Monthly Forecast]

Hey, as long as nobody gets hurt…why not? Power down starting October 23 when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your twelfth house of rest and endings. Although your social life will remain abuzz thanks to Mars in Libra, pace yourself. Carry a grounding black stone, bring a wingperson and have a ready excuse if you need to depart early and get some shuteye!

Is there a part of your life to release so you can welcome a new chapter?

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Maybe you need to surrender and allow the universe to take command. Find a space of quiet within yourself. Journal, meditate, get an intuitive reading—and see what guidance comes. Or you could see the unsavory true colors of a person you thought was an ally. Rather than cut them off abruptly, look at where YOU may have fueled this dynamic by being indirect or blurring boundaries. Note to Sag: Your inner control freak COULD rear its head today because the new moon will lock into a tense opposition with disruptive and unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. Watch your stress levels and keep your wits about you.

Under this opposition, you can be accident-prone and distracted by your swirling thoughts. Anxiety can make you accident-prone or cause a careless error on an important project. Ground yourself. Get support…and cry if you need a release!

Just do what it takes to get out of your head. With the analytical planet reversing through your subconscious sector, it can be a fruitful time to sort through mental baggage and shed limiting beliefs, perhaps with the help of a therapist or coach. Dare to go there—and free yourself of those emotional demons. But know that in the process, old fears and trust issues can surface. Be extremely gentle with yourself now, Sagittarius. Just be sure you have enough support around you.

December 2018 Horoscope: Predictions for Sagittarius

Want some more? A whole year of forecasts, mapped out for you. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio absolutely comes with the warning label not to operate heavy machinery, and it would also be wise to avoid signing contracts, traveling, or making important purchases, due to miscommunications and delays.

On December 2, Venus reenters Scorpio.

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Love and money planet Venus is moving direct—unlike retrograde Mercury! Intense, brooding, and emotional Scorpio is a difficult sign for Venus to be in, as issues concerning jealousy, possessiveness, and revenge come to the fore. Well, while Venus is in secretive Scorpio, you'll likely want to keep all these things hush hush and behind the scenes.

A secret affair may even be on the menu! Or you might simply be in a private mood. For any lovers reading this horoscope with their Sagittarian crush in mind, it should be noted that under the influence of possessive Venus in Scorpio, your Sagittarius's big mouth will not allow them to keep any kind of affair truly secret—and that's if you've even managed to find a Sag who'd get off their moral high horse long enough to have one!

The new moon in your sign, Sagittarius, arrives on December 7! New moons are wonderful because they represent a clean slate, but they can be anxiety-inducing because everything is so new it can feel intimidating! Also on December 7, Mars and Neptune meet in Pisces. Mars is the planet of action, but when it meets with Neptune, the action is less decisive and more like a suggestion because Neptune is the planet of fog, illusion, and delusion. Warrior planet Mars is in Pisces, which is a sign that's already got a much more "peace and love" vibe than Mars is used to, so throwing Neptune in the mix as well makes things feel even more whimsical, magical, sleepy, creative, dreamy… I could go on!

You are blooming, you have done the work. The time has come now to rest, enjoy, and seek adventure as we enter into the holiday season.

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The December New Moon also has a very adventurous spark to it. Stepping out of your comfort zone, traveling, and socializing will all be favored under this energy.

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If there were heated things that stirred for you around the November Full Moon on the 23rd, know that there may be some closure or some revisitation of these events as well. Know that there will be an opportunity under this New Moon to smooth things over or to ease any tensions that may have been bubbling around this time.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Choose to let things go. Choose to allow joy to flow through your life. Sagittarius energy is always helping us to look on the bright side of things and to focus on what we feel grateful for. Sagittarius energy is always helping us to see the bigger picture, and to view things from a more expansive point of view. Sometimes we get so bogged down in our own thoughts and feelings, and in the drama of it all, that we can very quickly start constructing our own falsehoods of reality. When we find ourselves so bogged down in this type of thinking, we have to step back, we have to get some space between our thoughts, and we have to try to look at things from the outside.

By taking this approach, it helps us to see things we may not have noticed before, and it also helps us to focus on the truth of the situation. If there is an issue in your life that is rife with drama or needs to be cleared, perhaps take this approach and see if the energies of the December New Moon can shine a new light or bring a new wisdom to the situation.