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Think of compassion, empathy, gratitude as much as Hey everyone. Thanks for being here. Glad we found one another. For a private reading, please email Melanie Kate Love 9 months ago. January All 12 Zodiac Signs from Rado! Lada Duncheva 2 years ago. January 12th full moon in Cancer tarot readings for all zodiac signs with tarot master Rado! Make sure to check your sun moon Special Sales for the holidays when you book a personal tarot Divine inspiration, intimate connection and limitless possibilities for the future!

For a private reading only This week, we are discussing the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer, the Winter Solstice and wrapping up the year with a beautiful Empowered by using the energy that Quatum Soul Note for Jan. Welcome, seekers, priestesses, and magicians! I'm so excited to be talking to you about the Cancer full moon. The Tangled Magic Series is intended for readers plus who enjoy fast-paced reads, wild and witchy magic, swoon-worthy kisses, and small-town charm.

The series is best read in order. Quartz crystal points in their many forms—clear as glass, smoky gray, the yellow of citrine, the purple of amethyst and pale pink of rose quartz—jutted from the earth below and cavernous ceiling above. Silver moss dangled. The eyes of unseen creatures peered from the shadows, hidden by swirling silvery mists. The mists before me parted, revealing a throne carved of dark, twisting wood, as though the tree from which it was carved were still alive, still sentient, still growing.

Green crystals poked out here and there. Behind it was a wall of dark green vines speckled with red roses the size of small cabbages. But it was the figure who sat in that throne—and such a chair could only rightly be called a throne—who sent my jaw dropping. I stepped backward, but a wall of vines pressed against me, halting any retreat.

Her eyes were silver like the mists, but bright as the coldest of winter stars. Her skin was bronze as though stained with earth, her hair a twisting mass of light brown braids filled with moss and twigs. She rose. I was short—a mere five-foot—so most people seemed tall to me, but she was purely a giantess. She towered over me, her robes the same near-black purple of her lips, threaded with green, amber, and teal threads. I almost reached out to caress the billowing fabric, to test its fibers under my fingers.

Instead, I curled my fingers into my palms. She reached out with bony fingers and tilted my head upwards, until I strained backwards to meet her glinting gaze. That smile again.


Wise and wicked. It was too easy. She nodded, each bob of her head deliberate, decisive. Never a good position when one was facing such a powerful being. I lowered my gaze back to the wall of vines. She released my chin from her bony clutches, and I sighed with relief. You will sleep for many years, and, when I need you, you will awaken. How does that stop…How does that grant my wish? A gust of wind shook the cavern. Your father is sick. Do you want to go home? I can make that so. Do you agree to my terms? To my surprise, she chuckled.

If I release you this night without granting your wish, he will find you. Or you can accept my offer. That attic bedroom. What fate could be worse than magic caged? She nodded. Ribbons of magic twisted in the air, wrapping around me, tugging me back up through the earth. Get off my land. This is private property. Nathan came into view.


I tried to run, but my feet were rooted to the earth. He glared down at the candle, pointing at the now extinguished flame. The spell was over, the magic cast. What had I done wrong? Thank you, Denise D. Equal parts bookworm, flower child, and eclectic witch, Denise D. Young writes fantasy and paranormal romance featuring witches, magic, faeries, and the occasional shifter.

She lives with her husband and their animals in the mountains of Virginia, where small towns and tall trees inspire her stories. She reads tarot cards, collects crystals, gazes at stars, and believes magic is the answer no matter what the question was. Website: www. Book Link. For twenty generations, the men and women of The Empire have lived separately, the women farming and fishing, the men fighting wars.

The Empire is threatened by invasion, and to defend it successfully, women will need to fight. When the village votes in favour, Lena and her partner Maya are torn apart. Maya chooses exile rather than battle, Lena chooses to fight. So, when I picture Tirvan, this is, more or less, what it looks like in my mind.

Remove the modern aspects! And likely influenced its development. Anglesey was a holy island to the pre-Roman people of Britain, and associated with the resistance of these people to Roman rule, that resistance centred in their priests, the Druids. In AD 60, the Roman general Paulinus attacked Anglesey, destroying sacred groves and shrines, and in folk memory driving the Druids into the sea. It took a few years and a few more battles for supremacy within Britain but by AD 78 Anglesey was firmly under Roman control, the Romans building forts, mines and roads on the island.

At least one road is still in use. Male children are taken at age 7 to begin military training; girls are educated in their own villages, and then apprentice to a trade. Where did these ideas come from?

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The idea of male children being taken at seven into military training is from the social structure of the ancient city-state of Sparta, where exactly that happened. Spartan boys were basically cadets until age 20, when they took on greater responsibility in the military; they could marry at 30, but did not live with their wives, but stayed with their military comrades in barracks…and that was the germ of the idea of the men and women living almost completely separate lives, except for a couple of weeks each year.

Roman soldiers served 25 years in the military and could not officially marry unless they were of officer class, although they often formed permanent relationships with local women.

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The apprenticeship of girls at twelve to a trade is simply based on long practice throughout much of the world, for both boys and girls: even my own grandfather was apprenticed at age twelve to a coal merchant in England, in about The photo of a female blacksmith is from England, c Now, as to why there is this tiny, isolated Empire at the edge of the world, underpopulated and ring-fenced by the Wall, the mountains and the sea… well, to say more would need a big SPOILERS alert. No known copyright restrictions. Writer of historical fantasy and urban fantasy for adults.

Catapulting us into s Belfast in the heart of the Troubles, Eden Burning pulses with conflict and introduces us to a cast of characters we profoundly care about, even when they are warring with each other. Above all, though, it is a novel with a true spiritual and emotional heart.

Northern Ireland, On the Crumlin Road, Belfast, the violent sectarian Troubles have forced Tom Martin to take drastic measures to protect his family. Across the divide William McManus pursues his own particular bloody code, murdering for a cause. Yet both men have underestimated the power of love and an individuals belief in right and wrong, a belief that will shake the lives of both families with a greater impact than any bomb blast. This is a compelling, challenging story of conflict between and within families driven by religion, belief, loyalty and love.

In a world deeply riven by division, a world of murders, bomb blasts and assassinations, how can any individual transcend the seemingly inevitable violence of their very existence? When and where do you prefer to write? I enjoy writing in the early morning — sometimes getting up as early as 5.

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When at home, I like to write sitting at my desk, looking at a book shelf filled with books I have read. I find it inspirational that other authors are in some way with me.

Gemini - December 24, 2018 to January 6, 2019

Do you have a certain ritual? I like to think a lot before I write. What did I learn about the people I met the day before? How am I feeling? Why am I feeling that way? I love life and also love to reflect upon it. In writing Eden Burning I also had the ritual of walking in the mountains in Mallorca before beginning to write.

I would look at the plants and trees and feel as if they were my guides to what I would write that day. They kept reminding me that life was constantly changing. My characters had to change to each day. They had to live and die with every sentence I fed them. Is there a drink of some food that keeps you company while you write? I like the fact that you ask about drink or food that keeps you company. That is an interesting question because writing demands a solitary way of being comfortable with yourself in silence.

Of course there is great inspiration in the people you meet each day. However, I take company in drinking sparkling water when I write. I love the bubbles in it and I must have ice in it as well. When I go to America or to friends who have those fridges where you can snuggle your glass for cold water and then for ice which spills on the floor — that fridge would be a great companion for me. It would be almost a silent Butler watching me write and serving my every need.

What is your favourite book? It keeps changing — depending upon what is triggered in my thoughts and memories. I love his passion and total commitment to honesty, clarity and courage of expression in all his writing. He is consistent in his life with what he writes. Do you consider writing a different genre in the future? It was filmed in Portstewart and Islandmagee where I stayed. Maybe in my new writing my characters will become more mythic and symbolic. I will still be playing with their minds and throwing real life challenges at them to overcome.

Do you sometimes base your characters on people you know? From a psychological point — yes. I am thinking of having certain characters not all based on the Enneagram which is interesting in triggering certain thoughts for characters eg The Perfectionist,. However, I would never write a character into a novel who is a real person I know or who I have met. I am comfortable with being influenced by them to create my characters but these created characters are real in themselves.

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They are not copies of another human being. I think that is too easy for a writer to do. Mind you many successful authors have done that. I think the friends and enemies of D H Lawrence dreaded finding themselves in his novels. Do you take a notebook everywhere in order to write down ideas that pop up? Yes and I have a frighteningly large number of coloured Sharpies as I like to draw and create colours around key themes. Which genre do you not like at all? I think any genre which from my perspective is boring with shallow characters and no big picture life context influencing the plot.

If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with? I would like to co-write a film script rather than a novel. I think for a novel the author has to give birth to it in a certain way. After that it would be super fun to co-write a script. So once that concept is turned into a novel and published — then I would love to co-write the script for film. If you should travel to a foreign country to do research, which one would you chose and why? I have travelled a lot with my leadership work — to more than 40 countries of the world. This year I went not to work but on holiday to Canada — Banff and Jasper.

I loved it — the big mountains, bears, elk, bubbling rivers and emerald lakes. I would love to visit again and hike through the mountains but I would avoid Vancouver with 2, homeless on the streets of downtown — it was such a contrast to the natural beauty and wildlife outside it.

Holly Devine is returning to the only place that feels like home, hoping that some festive magic will help to turn her life around…. Twenty-seven-year-old Holly Devine has just had her heart well and truly broken.