Number 10 music on my birthday

Framed sheet music and your wedding photo. See list of Number One songs for any year. Framed Birthday Number One Records from Find out what was top of the UK charts in in the list below. We'll find and frame an original copy of the vinyl record or sheet music, with your own personal message printed and mounted beneath. It's the perfect birthday gift idea for music lovers. Number One songs in Order a framed Birthday Number One record. It was not the Hudson in England or, God forbid, Canada.

It was very affirming to me to know about him. I had not been told anything good about homosexuals — they were dangerous, predatory, aberrant — and I thought that I might be one of these. Coming out was not an easy prospect for Mr. Barrett admitted that he was not as taken with Mr. When Mr. Barrett and Mr. Blier inaugurated their fledgling festival in , Mr. Rorem was a formative bond.

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Barrett said. The deep connection forged by Mr.

Culture shift

Rorem, Mr. Barrett was evident throughout a conversation littered with passing reminiscences, technical queries, inside jokes and pointed questions from Mr. Rorem about the current state of art song. Rorem proclaimed, peering at a postcard promoting the concerts. Rorem said, asserting that whatever his music might be worth, the cycle shows his discerning taste in texts. But then, nobody I know does. Numbers range from people seated. This secret bar, while hidden behind a bookshelf, is actually quite expansive.

Once inside, you and your party can revel in the beaten white tiles, the dickie-bow-clad bar staff, and the soft lighting. Up to 20 Bookable area? Yes, you can book a semi-private bar area for 20 people —. TT Liquor Shoreditch. The upper deck is reserved for cocktail masterclasses which, despite being educational, are actually perfect for parties. Anywhere up to Bookable area?

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Oh yes — you can book a cocktail masterclass for people, a space in their vaults for people, or an area in their bar for anywhere up to people. Burlock Marylebone. And like the Golden Age of Havana, they love to have a party. Up to for the whole venue Bookable area?

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Yes, you can book tables for up to 50 people — find out more HERE —. Not because of the outdoor terrace perfect for pre-dinner drinks; or their restaurant inside a foliage-filled conservatory… but because your night will end — as all good birthdays should — in a tiny basement club with LED-lit Medieval unicorn tapestries.

All their rooms are up for hire — find out more HERE. This is karaoke — but not as you know it. Booths range from people Bookable area?

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Anything up to Bookable area? Find out more HERE. A kitsch 90s paradise, with statues of Pat Butcher, chintzy armchairs, and a very boozy cocktail menu scrawled in felt tip pen. The Aeronaut has got your every need covered.


Personal booth in their back garden? Singing waiters? No problem. Sharing cocktails, BBQ grub, live circus and dancing?

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You got it. The second cool thing is the tequila-soaked cocktail menu. And the third is the makeshift Wheel Of Fortune on the wall which — when someone spins the arrow to land in the right place — wins a round of shots for everyone else in the bar. Up to 70 for the whole venue Bookable area?

Yes, you can hire the party vault for up to 24 guests. Contact them HERE. The open plan, bare brick walls of this vast, capacity listed Victorian warehouse puts the musicians at centre stage as they play energetic renditions of whatever pop classics the paying customers want. And the list of cocktails is lively too. Definitely a contender for a bracingly fun, big night out. Technically up to , realistically up to about ish. Tropicana Beach Club Covent Garden. This place is huge, colourful, and bombastic. Some of the live entertainment on offer includes an elemental magician, steel drum bands, cabaret acts and fire entertainers.

There will be dancing. Housed in the basement of an old department store, Cattivo has cosy tiled booth areas tucked away between heavy velvet curtains — meaning you have somewhere to retire to for absinthe cocktails, while being right next to the dancefloor and live music. Plus, they come with your own private minibar stocked with your favourite spirits , or you can plump for a gin trolley or a personal bartender.